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Microfiber PPD TY moderns,PP profiled yarn,PP intermingled FDY,PP twisted yarn,Differential Fiber PP yarn,PP fine denier yarn,PP fine denier DTY yarn

Recruitment position: R&D staff

Job Responsibilities:

1. Carry out product improvement, upgrade and research and development of new products.

2. Develop corresponding product development plans and written reports;

3. Responsible for new product development and standard setting, quality control specification formulation, etc.

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in polymer, applied chemistry, chemical engineering and technology, textile industry, etc.;

2. Unity and cooperation, hard work and creativity.

Recruitment position: Sales clerk

Job Responsibilities:

1. Market development: market development and maintenance of existing products, market development and information collection of newly developed products, and market information collection of other similar products;

2, customer maintenance: customer inquiry, production scheduling, delivery tracking, payment recovery, after-sales / maintenance and other series of tracking;

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, foreign trade, marketing, economic management graduates, foreign trade salesmen must have English Level 4 certificate;

2. Have sales experience first, have strong market development ability and communication skills;

3, a good team spirit, can bear hardships and stand hard, obey the distribution.

Recruitment position: equipment technician (machine electrician)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of production equipment and public facilities of the plant;

2. Responsible for installation, commissioning, maintenance of equipment, fault diagnosis and elimination; understanding of water and electricity installation and maintenance;

job requirements:

1. College degree or above in mechanical and electrical integration, mechanical engineering, etc., qualification of organic power related certificates;

2, can bear hardships and stand hard work, has a high organizational discipline, strong sense of responsibility, strong execution ability.

Recruitment: Accounting

Job Responsibilities:

1. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Financial Center on expenses and expenses, review various expense documents, and the business situation is true and clear;

2. The invoices will be invoiced in time for the preparation of the voucher, and the nuclear program of each department and various expenses will be clearly defined according to the regulations, and the procedures for the production and review will be complete;

3. Track the statistical work of invoices and remind all departments to pay attention to invoice tracking;

4. Monthly reconciliation work;

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in accounting or economics;

2. Having more than 1 year of relevant accounting work experience or obtaining an accounting qualification certificate is preferred;

3, work style rigorous and meticulous, character integrity and integrity, strong sense of responsibility.

Recruitment position: operator (mixer, spinning, winder, double, and ammunition)

Requirements: Good health, hard work and strong sense of responsibility.

Treatment: piece-rate wages, more work and more.

Company welfare: salary is negotiable, single break, for each employee to buy social insurance and housing provident fund, length of service award, year-end award, travel subsidy, provide accommodation, team activities, birthday parties, holiday gifts, training promotion opportunities, is a quality enterprise The working environment is comfortable and the traffic is convenient.

Contact information:

Personnel Department Tel: 0663-3278070

Contact: Miss Zheng 13580157969

              Miss Huang 18826495960

Talent Concept 

The cause of people-oriented, people-oriented development

Here is a vast world, you can ride;

There is a grassy land where you can live ...

Montai, open-minded, you are welcome to join!

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