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MODERNS PP Microfiber, Microfiber PPD TY moderns,PP profiled yarn,PP intermingled FDY,PP twisted yarn,Differential Fiber PP yarn,PP fine denier yarn,PP fine denier DTY yarn

Our Products cover suitcase, bags, clothing, shoes and hats, home textile and other industries.” With reliable quality and perfect after-sales service, our pp yarn has sold in domestic markets and exported to Asia, Europe and America, Africa, South America etc. 

Sales Hotline: 0663-3263998

overseas markets: + 86-663-3278020

Contact: Miss Liu  

Manager: Mr.Kyle+ 86-13822968512  E-mail: 13822968512@139.com

WHATSAPP: +86 13822968512      Skype: kylelouis

Our pp yarn sells abroad,as well as coastal areas and inland cities of China,including the eastern Guangdong market, the Pearl River Delta market, Fujian market, the Yangtze River Delta market and other markets.

East Guangdong market: 0663-3263998

Contact: Miss Wu   Manager: Mr. Lin 13500150069

The Pearl River Delta market: 0663-3290838

Contact: Miss Lin   Manager: Mr. Liu 13822968885 

E-mail: 13822968885@163.com

Fujian market: 0663-3283836,0663-3265791

Contact: Miss Wu   Manager: Mr. Chen 13828181807

E-mail: 13828181807@163.com

The Yangtze River Delta market: 0663-3271968

Contact: Miss Huang  

Manager: Mr. Guo 13917622809

E-mail: 13917622809@163.com






Contact Us:Mr. Kyle Tell:+86 663 3278020 Fax:0663-3268998 Email:info@gdguangdong.com Address:Jieyang City Jiedong City West Film Industrial Zone (the first floor of the annex building)
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